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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hi everybody,
I guess that I'm waiting too long to write these things. I caught heck for it again the other day. I'll try to do better. So let's get on with it and see what is happening.

Some good news has come from the undergraduates lately. They received word that they have made the Court of Honor for 2007. That is a prettty high honor, just short of a Hugh Shields. I'm very proud of them, and send my congratulations to the chapter.

Also, the chapter just completed it's spring rush. They got 4 new pledges and had the pledging ceremony last Sunday. The new members are; Tim Crandall, Josh Derry, Derek Ensinger, and Dave Hood. Welcome guys to the chapter.

The first meeting of the west coast branch of the EYDTD alumni council was held on Feb 12, 2008. It was held in Tucson Arizona at the Tucson National Golf course. And while I haven't yet gotten my copy of the minutes of the meeting, I have been informed that the temp. was about 70 and the day was exceptional. The Delts in attendence were Bruce Masatsugu, Jim Neel, and Darrell Pritchard. I have to tell you guys that I'm envious, it was snowing here on Tuesday. Also, I have been told that Bruce has made reservations at the Lafeytte Hotel for our 40th, hopefully he will have his wife with him. Darrell told me that he has convinced his wife, Lori to come to Marietta for the weekend. How about you, Jim. Did the golf outing convince you that it will be a fun weekend? I hope so.

I got the following message from Bob Burns, he is planning on bringing the next Delt Legacy to campus for a visit this summer. Give me a shout Bob, I'd love to get to see you, perhaps have dinner.

I just had lunch with Angel Anderson, Assistant Advancement for
MC. When she asked when would be the next time I might be on campus, I
mentioned maybe this Summer on a campus tour with my longer son and then maybe this Fall for the 40th Anniversary of MC's DTD. I mentioned that you
had taken the led in organizing (or at least coordinating) the event. She
mentioned that she might be able to help you and others find extra hotel rooms
if there is a late heavy turnout of members. I expect that she call you offering her assistance if it is needed.

Bob "Alki" Burns '75

So as you see, if you are having trouble finding affordable rooms, give me a shout and I will go check with Angel and see what we can do to help. I really don't mind, so don't feel that you are being a bother.

From Rich Miller I got the next note. He is referring to Zak Gay qualifing for the Nationals in the high jump. And I have to say, he is correct. It never would have happened in our day.

Hey Rick,
Where the Hell did we get all these track and field medalists??? They never would have been seen while you and I were at 507! This is Great! Don't know if I'll be able to get there yet, but through your efforts, Mettler and I have touched based for the first time in over 30 years. That means a lot.

Hope to see you in October, Rich

Again, like the last email, I can take credit for 2 old friends reconnecting. I think that is so exciting, we all spend a long time at Marietta and make friends that last a lifetime, to have this email listing help friends reconnect is something that I truely enjoy. If you have a story of someone you got back in touch with as a result of this, please share it with us. You can access the email address list at the chapter website; http://www.marietta.edu/~delts/. The password is; **removed**. Please take advantage of it. It is there for you.

Here is an official notification of attendance at the 40th: Ted Smith writes;

Rickā€¦ Although I have inferred that I will be at the 40th...in reality, my
wife and I WILL be there! Also, please include Murray Talasnik on any e-mails to brothers re: THE EVENT. I see Mike Stein was included on the latest.

Thanks! Ted

Not to worry, Ted. If I have an email address I send these emails to them. I have found that in order to avoid "spam filters" I have to keep my groups under 100 addresses. So I send these out three times so I reach everybody.

Ferg sent the following note to Bruce Miller. I feel that it is a great honor, I had the opportunity to do it a couple of years ago, and was really touched. Shawn Selby did it before I did, and had to pull off of the road on his way home because he was so touched to have had the privliedge. I know that Ferg has asked other Alumni to participate, and all of us have felt honored and very moved.

Good Morning Bruce,
As we begin to tie up loose ends for the 40th, I have a request for you. Would you like to do the charge for the initiation at the 40th ? I think it would be very meaningful to the whole group of brothers. This will be done on Sunday morning.

Bruce has accepted the invitation. So for all of you who were Undergrads during Bruce's time as Chapter Advisor or while he was an undergrad, he will be in Marietta for the 40th. Be sure to join us.

If you are planning on being in Marietta, and are interested in being a part of an initiation, please contact Ferg. You won't regret it.

I have gotten so carried away with the 40th that I have not mentioned the Annual Golf Outing. It is normally held the 4th Saturday in April. That would be the 26th. Make your plans now to attend this annual event. We will play a round of golf and have a House Corp meeting.

I'll try to get my stuff together so we can have a hamburger cookout at my house. (I'll have to replace my grill, since I left it in Arizona, so if you will be here and have a desire to grill some burgers, let me know.)

One last thing, Don't forget to send in your stories about your years at MC. We have several, but need more, and the time is getting short.

That's all I have today. Have a great weekend. Rick Neel '73


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