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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Afternoon to everyone,

Hope everyone is satisfied with the two teams that made the Super Bowl this year. I know that I am pleased that Tony Dungy made it, that man is a class act and deserves it. (He built my team up to Super Bowl quality, then got fired. Tampa Bay Buccaneers). Enjoy the game all of you.

I have an address update for you all, along with my apology for having it wrong the first time! Here is the correction from Alex Kalkoffer, please make note of it.

Hey sorry I may have linked the wrong address ... Here it is https://incircle.delts.org/. Make sure in your browser that you put "https://" and not "www." That is why it is not working, it's a secure website.. Sorry about that! I also sent you an email invite to the site just in case.

Also a little more information about InCircle. It is a site that was put together by the Central Office in order to help Delts, both Alumni and Undergrad, build a network to help them in life. Be it job searches or employee searches, or about anything else. Check it out.

If memory serves me, Alex was originally looking for an internship in Radio/TV. I don't know if you found what you were looking for Alex, but I am aware of two guys in TV that may be able to give you a steer in where to look. Unfortunately, I can only think of one right now - Ted Smith is working for Channel 10 in Columbus. He may or may not be able to help you, but you might ask him (he's an EU Delt, look in the email address list).

For everyone else, that address list is availiable from the Alumni section of the Chapter web site: http://www.marietta.edu/~delts/. Please check it out and send me any addresse s that you may have that we don't.

Last time I included a list of brothers whose address we don't have. I got a location on one of them, so if you know Eric, give him a shout. Welcome Eric, a brother from my era. Bob Burns sent me this email with Eric's address:

I think I might be able to locate Eric D. Dunsker (Hebe). I have e-mailed someone who likely is he.

Bob Burns '75
Brother Alki
One of the Phi
Beta Kappas of MC DTD

He then followed it up with this:

The e-mail address for Eric Dunsker '76 is **removed for privacy issues**
I e-mailed the person I identified from the web and I was right, it turned out to be him. He is in Connecticut working in ergonomics. He called me back and we talked for an hour. Great memories and a chance to catch up. We hadn't talked since I graduated from MC. Yes, he wants your chapter newsletter/e-mails. Many thanks.
Bob Burns
Brother Alki -- 3.2% (I know that's Not PC with DTD)

Alki, isn't that what it's all about? Getting in touch with someone you haven't heard from in years? I'm sure that you had a great visit. So when our 40th anniversary rolls around in 2008, you both can come and tell some more lies! I sure hope to see both of you there. (as far as the 3.2% beer, I'm sure the guys would laugh at you now!)

For you Eric, and anyone else that hasn't found it yet, there is an archive of my Pulitzer Prize winning emails at our Blog Site. There are also announcements from our House Corp President, Jon Hartshorn (Hartsy), as well as some comments by our resident newspaper guy, Shawn Selby. If you haven't checked it out, please do so. http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/

I had asked for some help concerning John Simone, a pledge who transferred from MC. Ashley Wollam got me an answer. Thanks Ashley.

Rick, I had to call Headquarters today, so I forwarded your e-mail to my work address to remind me to ask after John Simone. Teresa, at Delt Headquarters, was unable to find anyone under the name of John Simone. She found a "Matthew" and a "Joseph," Simone, but neither had Epsilon Upsilon in their file. I'm afraid he may have dropped off the radar. If you'd like to consult Central Office, the number is (317) 284-0203.
Best regards,
Ashley Wollam

I got a letter from Fergie, he tells me that he thinks that we have an initiated total of about 350 members over our 39 years. Our email list is now at 219, that is pretty good, I think. However, we are running out of time before we get to our 40th anniversary, and I really want to contact every one of our brothers and get them back to Marietta in 2008. Help me out here, please.

Fergie also reported that we have collected $160 towards our new ritual equipment. That is an acceptable start, and I know that we haven't gotten a "wish list" from the undergrads yet. Craig Sundstrom promises me it is coming shortly. Please consider making a donation so we can build a new set of equipment. Send your check, made payable to: Crescent Colony of Marietta Inc. to Bob Ferguson, 507 Wooster St, Marietta, Ohio 45750. Make a note that your donation is for ritual equipment. Thank you.

I got the following email from Don Wolfe, he seems to be doing OK, just pining away for the mountians of Colorado. He does say that he and Ken Kavula are planning on being in Marietta for our 40th anniversary.

In October of 2008, make plans now to join them (and me!). Matt Dole, I hope that you are keeping track of these names so you know how big of a place to reserve :-) So far I know of these men: Don Wolfe, Ken Kavula, Rob Weidenfeld, Darrell Pritchard, Me, Jim Neel (I'm dragging him along kicking and screaming), Bob Peterson, and Randy (AWK) Williams. I'm sure that there will be spouses attending also, and many others that I haven't heard directly from (Hartsy, Shawn, the local guys, and many others). It's starting to shape up into a great turnout. One thought about our anniversary, we know that the undergrads can't afford to pay for this, so what kind of a budget would you like for us to use in our planning? Input will be greatly appreciated.

Aside from Eric Dunsker's address, I also have an updated address from Jordon Herrick.

Hey Rick,
I got a new e-mail, they are shuting down my marietta account. **removed for privacy reasons**
Thanks, hope all is well.
Jordan '06

This week's brothers that I am looking for help locating, if you are in contact with them, let me know:
Joseph Ferrell '68, Paul Schoenfeld '70, John Alligood '73, Steven Dennis '78, Rick Eckstein '82 (he gave a talk at MC last year and is a professor, shouldn't be hard to get ahold of), Mike Pantos '87, Brian Clark '93 (he has his information on the chapter map), Trent Leupp '95, Jonathan Young '02, Vince Li '05.

Keep in mind that the spring golf outing is coming in April. The 28th (It better be then, I have plane tickets and hotel reservations already). Come and watch the slaughter, I've been practicing, Awk. (In all honesty, Darrell Pritchard (my Big Brother), says I suck.)

That's all I have. Have a great week.

Rick Neel '73


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