Get thee to Columbus!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Northern Division Conference is in Columbus next month.

The dates are Friday, Feb. 9 through Sunday, Feb. 11.

The registration deadline is Jan. 26. You can register here.

The cost for the entire conference is $105, payable at the conference.

If you want to just go to the big dinner on Saturday evening, then the cost is $40, but you still must register online by the 26th.

The conference will be at the Westin Great Southern Hotel on South High Street. The special Delt rate to stay there is $104 plus tax per night for a room with two double beds.

The hotel, as well as the entire Westin chain is nonsmoking, which means I won’t be staying at the “host hotel.”

I have booked a suite at the Doubletree Guest Suites a couple of blocks away from the Westin. So thus I declare the Doubletree to be the official Marietta Delt Alumni Host Hotel. (Although you are welcomed to book at the Westin or anywhere else you please.)

Suites at the Doubletree range from $109 to $139 a night. The reservation link is here.

We have lots of Marietta Delt Alumni living within an hour or two of Columbus, so it would be great to get a whole bunch of us there. Even if just for the dinner.

Perhaps our Undergrads might win some REALLY BIG HUG(h)E (shields) AWARD that weekend. Maybe. Fingers have been crossed. Wood has been knocked on. Ritual animals have been sacrificed. Virgins have been tossed into volcanoes.

If you’re gonna go and stay at a hotel, and if you’d like to let some Undergrads stay in your hotel to help them cut their costs, drop Craig Sundstrom an email at

Shawn “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Smoke” Selby ’92


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