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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good morning to everyone,

There's not a lot going on in the Marietta Delt world this week, but I have received some notes from people after my last email. Plus, I wanted to let everyone know that on the Blog site; http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com I have posted some of the early emails in this series. Joe Mester sent me most of them. So we are now complete with the exception of #6 and 7. If by some miracle, you still have them saved, please send them to me so we can be complete.

As I was reviewing the blog, I found where we had had a comment from one of us. Scott Gilmore sent in a comment to one of them. I'm sorry it took me so long to notice your comment Scott, I vow to do better in the future. If you are still reading these through the blog, please send a note to the chapter at www.marietta.edu/~delts and give them your email address so we can get you added to our lists. Here is the note that Scott left:

Here I am,long lost and retired Scott Gilmore, '79. Anyone remember

Wow what memories came rushing back to me after visiting this site. Great job you guys!!! Totally awesome.

Just a brief history update on me...retired 26 yrs USAF and also did 5 yrs as a civil servant. Yes, I was only at MC for year 75/76 but did return for 79/80 (VP).

I'm married with two sons, one itn the Navy and the other attending Texas Tech in the fall, maybe another Delt in the family.

Hope to make it to the 40th and see everyone well!! Even BAM!!

It's great to be found by one of the missing. Good to hear from you Scott.

Goose Kitson sent me the following note, it is meant for all of the Columbus Delts. Perhaps there can be a Columbus EY alumni chapter meeting like we had in Tucson last winter. Let me know how it works out Goose. If I can be of service, let me know.

Hey Rick,
It's GooSe class of 06-08. I just wanted to update you and others as to the whereabouts of a few recent alums. Myself, Ashley Wollam, Jeffrey Wojton, and Sergio Periera Fajardo Jr. are currently residing in Columbus while Wojton becomes a Neurosurgeon, Ashley works as a Business analyst, Sergio watches the EuroCup and I work at an IT firm, Teamwork Solutions.

I know that Christopher Devine has also moved to Columbus doing really well within the realm of Graphic Design and computer stuff.

I was hoping that maybe some of the Marietta- turned Columbus Delts could possibly work something out where we could every now and then and grab a dinner together, do a cocktail night, play some poker and whatnot. I know we'd definitely like to meet some of guys who helped make our collegiate experiences as good as they were.

Peace UP, A-Town Down.
John M. Kitson, III

I know that there are a lot of Marietta Delts in Columbus, maybe you guys can make something work. Lets see, there is JP Clowes, Ted Smith, and Hartsy that I know of. Good luck.

Tim Parsons sent me the following. He is starting out in his own business, if you are interested, give him a call. Good luck Tim, Glad you are coming back for the 40th. See you then.

Hello Rick,
I wanted everyone to know that I have joined the ranks of Arbonne International as Independent Consultant. Arbonne International is a 28 year old network marketing company that got its start in skin care and has since expanded to represent a well-rounded health and wellness line.

I am looking for clients, consultants and business builders to join me. I believe this works for four main reasons:

the products really work, each monthly check gets bigger and bigger,
clients keep coming back for more and Arbonne has a tremendous catalog of professional development curriculum (i.e. Arbonne University).

Could you please pass this along to the rest of the alumni? I would love to get some samples out to the guys and their wives. Believe me, the wives will love it as well. My wife has almost the entire catalog. In the meantime, if people are interested in learning more about the company please go to www.arbonne.com.

Thank you very much Rick.

Hope to see you all at the 40th. In health and wellness,

Tim Parsons Your Arbonne Independent Consultant

I got the following correction from Patty (Ritchie) Hoppa, it seems that I gave the wrong address for her in the last email. Please make the correction.

Thanks for the update - I know what you mean about time getting away from you! Wanted to let you know that in the message my address was wrong - it's **removed for privacy reasons**. I'll try to get more on top of things now that school is finally out.
Take care,

By the way, Hops has set up a special section in the email list for our Little Sisters. Check it out and help us fill in the blanks!

Chris Lieb sent the following email address correction. Thanks Chris and I'll see you in October.

I'm Chris Lieb - just graduated. My new email is **removed**. Thanks, I look
forward to the 40th

Along the same line, the chapter website got the following note and new address. If you know Mike, drop him a line and say "hello"

I hope that you can make it to the 40th Mike, we seem to be a bit light in the decade of the 80's. Here is his address: **removed**
I saw on your blog that one James Mason was looking to get in touch with certain 80s Delts. I would like to know the whereabouts of Adam Pyles, Osler, Mason, Cruse, MB and Marlene, Marphy, Chuck, etc. as well.

This is Mike Malone 85, and wondering if anyone is going to make it to homecoming. If anyone knows how to get in touch with these folks, i would appreciate it.

Nice website by the way, you guys must be much more motivated than we

Anyway, good to see some info on old Marietta and of course the Delt house.

Those were the best days of my life.
Mike Malone, class of 1985.

Tracey Howard sent in the following RSVP for the 40th. If you know them and haven't seen them in a while, make plans to reconnect. Time is getting short.

At this time I am planning to attend the Homecoming program in October.

I am bringing one guest, Heather Zoller-Gritz, who is a Marietta Alum of '91, and who was good friends with many of the late 80's and early 90's Delts.

So please accept this RSVP for 2.Tracey Howard, '91 Heather Zoller-Gritz, '91

There have been a few questions about the cost for the weekend, and it is $50 per person. So if you are bringing someone with you, the cost will be $100 for the both of you. Please let us know that you are coming, so we can make the reservations for the banquet and know how many will be here for the riverboat ride. This is important for our planning purposes.

Ken Kavula, I sent you a copy of the picture from the last email, did you manage to help Dave Broome out with nameing people for him? If you didn't get it, let me know and I'll try again.

The speakers that we have lined up for the banquet so far are: Ken Kavula, Greg Maloof, Rich Wolf, Shawn Selby, Brian Rothenberg, Don Wolfe, Jordan Herrick, and Chris Goebel. If you don't see your era listed from those speakers, we are interested in what you have to say. Let me know if you want to speak, and I'll send you the ground rules.

Below is the Itenerary for the weekend and the list of those who have let us know they are coming. That's all I have for now, have a great week.
Rick Neel '73

Thursday evening for early arrivals Meet and greet-Town House around 8:00
Friday The day will be free to see Marietta Noon - Midnight Registration at DTD 8-10 pm Valley Gem river cruise-Bottom deck enclosed
Saturday 9:00-9:25 Doughnuts and beverage at Delt House 9:30-10:15 Campus tours 10:30-11:00 507 Putnam visit 11:30-12:00 Parade 12:00-12:45 House Corp meeting 12:45-1:30 Tailgate at Stadium 1:30-4:30 Football game 6:00-7:00 Social Hour @ Shrine Club 7:00-12:00 Dinner, Program & Socialization (um, I think we mean Socializing. Socialization is the process of converting private property to state-owned property -- Shawn)
Sunday 9:00-10:00 Breakfast at Delt house 10:00-11:00 Ritual not at house 11:00-1:00 Alumni-Undergrad Football game 1:00- Free time

Delt 40th Anniversary Attendence List
Advisor - Bob Ferguson +1
1960's - Greg Maloof + 1, Ken Kavula +1, Frank Hirsch (I think)
1970's - Ted Smith +1, Lance Koved +1, Don Wolfe, Ron Rees, Bruce Miller +1, Bruce Masatsugu +1, Darrell Pritchard +1, Joe Matheny, Randy Williams, Rich Wolf +1, Bob Peterson, Al Head, Bob Kavula +1, Rick Dunsker, Peter Weiner +1, Chuck Robinson +1, Bob Burns, Rick Neel, Neal Mettler +?, Joe Mester +1, Bob Bayer +1, Rob Weidenfeld, John DeVito, Joe Kirby +1, Bob Exten +1, Scott Gilmore
1980's - Drew Kern, Jon Hartshorn, Brian Rothenberg, Chris Goebel, Michael Tita +1
1990's - Shawn Selby, J.P. Clowes, Matt Christman-Lees, Tim Cox (I think), Greg Manko, Jeff DeWerth +1, Charley Maghes +1, Kevin Oliphant +1, Tracey Howard +1, Tim Parsons
2000's - Craig Sundstrom, Andy Byers, Justin Nethers, Matt Dole, Corey Medina, Casey Trail, Chris "Smitty" Smith, Seth Wolfson, Trent Elliott, Jordon Herrick, Jake Dornan, Ashley Woolam, Joshua Downey, Doug Orr +1, Jay Read, Matt Rouhier, Chris Lieb, Brian Ashton (I think)


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