Monday, February 12, 2007

Our Undergraduate Brothers continue to make us proud.

I returned from the Northern Division Conference in Columbus Sunday evening, and I’m happy to report that Epsilon Upsilon received from the International Fraternity three awards for recruitment (rush), one award for academics and a Programming Award for Showcasing the Delt Spirit.

But, just as significant, every Important Delt Person I talked to had nothing but good things to say about our Undergrads.

An example of the type of good things being said about them: I sat in on a session for new Chapter Advisors and Alumni Advisory Team Members. Jim Russell, the International Fraternity’s Executive Vice President, said that Epsilon Upsilon was one of the fraternity’s "few high-functioning chapters."

Those are words of high praise from the Delt who runs Central Office.

They’ve really got their act together, and it is being noticed by the rest of the Fraternity.

All weekend long I got to enjoy the spotlight being shown on our Undergrads for more than just the five awards they picked up:
  • Outgoing Chapter President Craig Sundstrom was offered, and accepted, a position as Chapter Consultant – the first Epsilon Upsilon graduate to be named a Chapter Consultant.
  • Undergraduates Ashley Wollam and Sundstrom each were asked to introduce speakers at the conference.
  • Our Undergraduates were active members on each of the conferences committees, including Adam Hopkins, who was the only Undergraduate on the Northern Division’s auditing committee.
  • Our indefatigable Fergie chaired the auditing committee, gave a speech in support of the winning candidate for Northern Division President and spoke Sunday morning on the topic of "Power."

With all that stage time, this really was Epsilon Upsilon’s show.

They’ve been working hard and it is really showing.

I know some of them were hoping that this would be the year that the Chapter could again lay claim to Court of Honor and possibly even another Hugh Shield Award for Chapter Excellence.

It was not in the cards. This time.

But, unlike those of us who were Undergraduates during the Great Disappointment of 1990, they handled it with a lot more grace and dignity. They resolved to continue doing what they do well and to work on what they can do better.

In short, they handled it like men. They handled it like Delts. Our Delts.

Drop them a note telling them how proud you are of them through Chapter President Nick Aylward at naa001@marietta.edu.

Shawn "I will NOT go to Ritual at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday" Selby '92

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