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Monday, October 13, 2008

Good evening guys,

Well there are only 28 days left before homecoming. The number of paid reservations is rising on almost a daily basis. I just got an updated list of attendees from Jordan Herrick, so the weekend is looking like there will be a bunch of us. And the decade of the 2000's looks like it has overtaken the 1970's.

There have been some questions concerning cost. While we hope that everyone will be able to attend the whole weekend, if you can't make it to some of the events, here are the prices broken down. The river cruise on Friday night is $15 and the banquet on Saturday night is $35. That is per person.

I got a question about a couple of children and the cost for them at the banquet. I really can't answer that question at this point, I will have to discuss it with the committee and I'll let you know individually, but I'm sure it will be a reduced cost, after all how much can a 2 year old eat? I'll send you an email in the next couple of days.

Along this same line, I have been asked how much of the weekend will be open to friends and spouses. Almost the whole weekend is family friendly, the only function that is only for brothers, is the ritual meeting. That will be Sunday morning in McDonough Hall on campus. Please, plan on including your special person in the whole weekend.

We are asking that your payment be sent to Bob Ferguson at **remmoved for privacy reasons** no later than October 10th so we can let the caterers know how many to plan on feeding. Make your check payable to "Crescent Colony of Marietta, Inc." Also, Bob Ferguson and Jon Hartshorn, have asked that there be no one staying at the house on this weekend other than those brothers actually living there. The feeling is that there will be too much going on at the house for the brothers to keep up with and have alums sleeping there as well. Thank you for your help in this matter.

At the end of this email, I will include the schedule of events for the weekend, and the names of those that are planning on attending. Unfortunately, I got an email today from one of the guys having to uncommit, due to the health of his wife. I'm sorry to hear about it Joe, hopefully she will be well soon. He has reservations for a room already, if you are interested in using his room, please contact him soon. He is planning on cancelling the reservation in the next couple of weeks. His email address is: Joe Kirby, **removed** I'm sure that Bob Exten and John DeVito will give you a good accounting of what went on.

Dave Broome sent me a rather long email about the booklet that he is working on. He promises that it will be ready on time and tells me that it is looking pretty good. I'll just copy his note so you can send him the help he needs. Please remember, though he says that he works well under pressure, time is getting VERY short for his work. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

The "booklet" which we have been discussing for nearly a year is almost
entirely a collection of first-person accounts of our chapter's history -from
the beginning to the present day, as told by various alums. It is
not a photo album (although a few images will be included), nor is it a dry
third-person text of "how it all started." It was (and is) my hope that
these stories will breathe life into the chapter's history, and provide present
and future undergraduates (as well as alumni) with a permanent reference to
prove that the Delt experience at Marietta is a special one. I have very
very few scanned photographic images to use in this booklet...All of those whch
you sent to me are currently included in some form. I was trying to attach
at least one image to each story, but there aren't enough images to go

If any scanned images are out there that have a somewhat-interesting story
attached, there is still time to include it -just send it to me as soon as
possible! And- keep in mind, that it is essential that I
know the names people in photographs (and graduation year, if possible).

Should anyone else want to immortablize their thoughts for this project,
there is currently an opportunity to fill in the gaps on the following
subjects: Except for Shawn Selby's account of the first
Hugh Shields award (1991), there are no other stories from the 1990s.

Perhaps a couple of other stories from that decade would help stretch the
narrative into the present day.

For example: 1. After winning the first Hugh Shields award, the chapter's performance accelerated, and by the 25th anniversary in 1993, numbers and general undergraduate enthusiasm were at a high point. Anyone from that period care to share some of the afterglow?

2. Alternatively, by 1999, the chapter's numbers had fallen into single-digits. Something cathartic happened among those few remaining Delt undergraduates to turn things back around- and they succeeded. What was it? How did you do it? Keep in mind that the chapter's fortunes have always been very cyclical. In the future, perhaps another group of EY Delts could find inspiration in your story.

3. Photos from the move in 1984 from 507 Putnam St to 219 4th St I have. What I don't have is any accompanying commentary. Any alums from the 1983-84 school year care to get in on this.

4. Could someome who lived in that abomination known as Douglas Putnam Hall (the dormitory for freshmen men) provide an account of what it was like to live there? I only stepped in there a couple of times -and that was plenty creepy enough for me.

5. What happened on the Marietta Campus on the morning of Sept 11, 2001? Were classes cancelled? Was there a special message to the student body from the administration?

.........Thanks in advance for any input that other alums may have on these subjects; please remember to identify yourselves by full name and graduation year.

But- we're in the home-stretch now, so it would need to be done very soon. Scanned images are preferable, and those can be sent directly to me at **removed** ...again, sooner -rather than later- is preferable. In any case, written personal accounts of the highlights (and lowlights) of chapter history are preferable -and any late submissions are welcome.

Fraternally, Dave Broome, '88

Please guys, help him out. This booklet is something that all Delts will cherish, I think.

Debby Smith is our first Little Sister that is committed to coming to our 40th. There is still time for the rest of you ladies to make your plans. Hope that you all will be able to join us Here is her note.

Dear Rick,
I am one of the missing little sisters class of 1976, Deborah (Debby) Smith. My husband (David Seibert) and I are planning to come to homecoming. At this time we are not sure which functions we are attending as I am also an AST and we will be splitting our time between the two groups.

Will we be able to pay for only the functions we attend? At this time we are considering the social hour at the Shrine Club, tail gating prior to football game, homecoming parade, and possibly the banquet. Can you update me on those.

We will be staying at the Best Western on Muskingum Drive. Please include me on the e-mail updates.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Debby Smith

That's all I have for this time, see you in October! Rick Neel '73

Thursday evening for early arrivalsMeet and greet-Town House around 8:00

Friday The day will be free to see Marietta
Noon - Midnight Registration at DTD
8-10 pm Valley Gem river cruise-Bottom deck enclosed

Saturday 9:00-9:25 Doughnuts and beverage at Delt House
9:30-10:15 Campus tours
10:30-11:00 507 Putnam visit
11:30-12:00 Parade
12:00-12:45 House Corp meeting
12:45-1:30 Tailgate at Stadium
1:30-4:30 Football game
6:00-7:00 Social Hour @ Shrine Club
7:00-12:00 Dinner, Program & Socialization (um, I think we mean Socializing. Socialization is the process of converting private property to state-owned property -- Shawn)

Sunday9:00-10:00 Breakfast at Delt house
10:00-11:00 Ritual not at house
11:00-1:00 Alumni-Undergrad Football game
1:00- Free time

Delt 40th Anniversary Attendence List
Advisor - Bob Ferguson +1

1960's - Greg Maloof + 1, Ken Kavula +1, Frank Hirsch (I think), Steve Newton

1970's - Ted Smith +1, Lance Koved +1, Don Wolfe, Ron Rees, Bruce Miller +1, Bruce Masatsugu, Darrell Pritchard +1, Joe Matheny, Randy Williams, Rich Wolf +1, Bob Peterson +1, Al Head, Bob Kavula +1, Rick Dunsker, Chuck Robinson +1, Bob Burns, Rick Neel, Neal Mettler +?, Joe Mester +1, Bob Bayer +1, Rob Weidenfeld, John DeVito, Bob Exten +1, Scott Gilmore

1980's - Drew Kern, Jon Hartshorn, Brian Rothenberg, Chris Goebel, Michael Tita +1, David Broome

1990's - Shawn Selby, J.P. Clowes, Matt Christman-Lees, Tim Cox, Greg Manko, Jeff DeWerth +1, Charley Maghes +1, Kevin Oliphant +1, Tracey Howard +1, Tim Parsons, Eric Gustafson, Chad Rhoads +1, Todd Myers +1, Chris Kurtz +1, Brian Stone, Mike Porath +1, Steve Blanzaco

2000's - Craig Sundstrom, Andy Byers +1, Justin Nethers, Matt Dole, Corey Medina, Casey Trail +1, Chris "Smitty" Smith, Seth Wolfson, Trent Elliott +1, Jordan Herrick, Jake Dornon +1, Ashley Woolam, Joshua Downey, Doug Orr +1, Jay Read, Matt Rouhier, Chris Lieb, Brian Ashton, Trevor Brown, Nick Aylward, Josh Argento, Hunter Johnsson (maybe), Josh Harris, Chris Devine, Dan May, Sean Bailey


Blogger chris devine said...

In the 2000's it should be Chris Devine +1. I called you earlier on this, but figure doing this also couldn't hurt. Hope things are going well and I'll see you Saturday.

Chris Devine 04

also I am only attending the banquet.

2:10 PM

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