DTD at MC #69

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello everybody!

Well it's interesting, here we are with email #69, and that is the year I graduated from High School. I still remember our "unofficial" class motto. I have no idea what the official one was however. "Sin, Sex, Booze and Wine, we're the class of '69." Do you remember your motto?

Karnea is over, and school is about to begin. Classes begin on August 25, and the undergrads are beginning to move back into the house. I stopped by this morning and ran into a few of the guys. They told me that we are expecting to begin the fall semester with 33 brothers returning. Several of last years freshman decided not to return to school for various reasons, something that happens at colleges and universities every year. We wish them the best in thier futures, and hope they stay in touch with us. Because now, guys, you are alumni!

The goal for recruitment for this year is 22 men. I was told that breaks down into 18 in the fall and 4 for the spring rush. So the undergrads have thier work cut out for them.

The last couple of days have been move in days for the freshmen, and the Delts were there to help out. They provided strong backs to help move the new students into the dorms. And while they were doing that, they got to meet a lot of the new freshmen men. That should help them with rush. Getting a headstart on the process. (oh, by the way, they got to meet the new freshmen women also!)

The Delts had some good news, from spring semester. I think I reported it earlier, but in case I didn't, or you missed it, the guys finished last semester with a 3.05 GPA. Bravo!

Oh! I almost forgot, Homecoming is in only 2 months. Two months and two days to be exact, and with homecoming, is our 40th anniversary. I hope that you have made your plans and are just waiting to send in your check. If that is the case, the cost is $50 per person, please send your check, made out to, Crescent Colony of Marietta, Inc. and send it to Bob Ferguson at **removed for privacy reasons**. I will be posting the schedule of events and the names of those people who have let us know they are coming at the end of this email.

I got the chance to see Rich Wolf last week, he was in the area to see his in-laws. We had dinner and swapped memories. It's funny how different things stick with you that others have forgotten. But when we told a story, the other one of us remembered the incident, even if we didn't recall it originally. That was fun.

There is still some commentary concerning the proposed new living quarters for the Delts. I got several notes from Rick Kramer and Todd Myers. Both of them had interesting suggestions as far as alternative housing for the chapter. I referred them to Ferg and Hartsy, but haven't heard anything back from either one of them since Karnea. Ferg said that they were planning on having some discussions with people from the central office, so we might have some better insight into the situation. When I hear something, I"ll let you all know.

Since the last email, I have gotten the addresses from some of the lost brothers. I wrote to them, but haven't heard anything back yet. None the less, welcome home guys! I hope you find time to share with us. The names and addresses are: Bruce Goldfarb, Gordon Turner, and Dean Kilton. If these guys are from your era and you know them, send them a note and get back in touch with an old friend.

I got Dean's information from Nick Aylward, EU's first chapter consultant. Evidently Dean wandered into the Central Office and was looking for information about EU and wanting to get back in touch with the fraternity. Here we are Dean, welcome!

Let's see who wrote since the last time. I received the following note from Bob Kavula. It was copied to me when he sent it to Cowboy Santini and Matt Sutko. I hope that he talked you two guys into coming. (I guess I'll have to call them and bug them).

OK,If I can drag my fat ass up from Dallas, certainly you guys can make it :) Especially you Cowboy.......We're arriving Thursday night and will be at the Townhouse for drinks. Staying at the Lafayette and will be there for the 30th thing on Friday night.

I went to my wife's 30th high school reunion last weekend and it was kind of fun and I didn't know anyone. It's a once in a lifetime chance guys to have the 40th Fraternity party and our 30th Class reunion.

Hope to see you both.

Todd Myers sent the following note in:

Rick,I plan to attend homecoming and will get my check into Fergie,
Thanks,Todd Myers '91

Chris Kurtz sent me the following note. In answer to your question about the sororities, they all own thier own houses I believe, so no they won't be moving into the type of arrangements we are talking about. And no, it will not be a problem if you bring your children. The whole weekend is open to everybody, with the exception of the initiation on Sunday.

Hello everyone, I am sorry I have not been reading all of the recent emails but I do appreciate receiving them. As I have been out of the loop, what is going on with the sororities? Are they being moved there as well?

I look forward to seeing everyone at homecoming. Rick please put me down for at least 1+ my wife Jessica. ( I might be bringing our 2 kids in tow, is that a problem? I've never come to a homecoming with kids so...)

My best to everyone, especially my brothers who I look forward to celebrating our 15th reunion together, Andy, Brian, J.P., Xan, Seth (hope you can make it, sorry to hear about your accident), Graham, Greg, Jimmy and Tony (does Tony come back to homecoming?)

All the best,Chris Kurtz
PS Join facebook, I have been able to reconnect with a bunch of folks from my MC days.

That's a long list of brothers he wants to see, are you all signed up? If not, what are you waiting for? Now I do have to admit feeling shock, hurt and betrayal that someone (other than my brother, Jim) actually says he doesn't read all of these things! How about you Shawn Selby? I haven't had any criticism of my writing skills for quite a while now. Am I getting better???

I got the following from Bruce Masatsugu, unfortunatly he won't be on the river cruise. All I can say is "Drive Faster, Bruce!" Just kidding, drive safely, and I'll catch up with you at the Town House! Of course you could take an earlier flight.

Rick, Thanks for all the updates.

It's been fun reading about all the experiences at DTD through the years. Couple of things. First, it'll be just me for the dinner on Saturday night so remove the "+1". Also, I haven't seen anything about a count for the river cruise, but I don't think I'll be able to make it. Baring any delays, I'm arriving in Columbus at 5:40 so I'll probably arrive in Marietta sometime after 8. I'll catch up with you after the cruise (Town House?)

Either call me at **removed** or give me your number and I'll call you sometime after 10. Looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple of months.

Bruce Masatsugu '75

Here are the names of the guys who will be making presentations at the banquet: Remember guys, keep it between 10 and 15 minutes, the subject matter should be about DTD and MC, and there will be ladies and perhaps children in the audience. If you are interested in speaking, let me know. There will be a computer there if you wish to do a power point... Speaking will be, Ken Kavula, Greg Maloof, Rich Wolf, Shawn Selby, Brian Rothenberg, Don Wolfe, Jordon Herrick, and Chris Goebel.

If anyone is in conact with Chris Goebel, please send me his phone number. He has evidently changed his email address, and I need to speak to him. Thanks.

That's all I have for this week. Time is getting short, and I'm getting pretty excited. I hope you are too.

Have a good weekend, Rick Neel '73

Thursday evening for early arrivals Meet and greet-Town House around 8:00

Friday The day will be free to see Marietta
Noon - Midnight Registration at DTD
8-10 pm Valley Gem river cruise-Bottom deck enclosed

Saturday9:00-9:25 Doughnuts and beverage at Delt House
9:30-10:15 Campus tours
10:30-11:00 507 Putnam visit
11:30-12:00 Parade
12:00-12:45 House Corp meeting
12:45-1:30 Tailgate at Stadium
1:30-4:30 Football game
6:00-7:00 Social Hour @ Shrine Club
7:00-12:00 Dinner, Program & Socialization (um, I think we mean Socializing. Socialization is the process of converting private property to state-owned property -- Shawn)

Sunday 9:00-10:00 Breakfast at Delt house
10:00-11:00 Ritual not at house
11:00-1:00 Alumni-Undergrad Football game
1:00- Free time

Delt 40th Anniversary Attendence List
Advisor - Bob Ferguson +1
1960's - Greg Maloof + 1, Ken Kavula +1, Frank Hirsch (I think), Steve Newton
1970's - Ted Smith +1, Lance Koved +1, Don Wolfe, Ron Rees, Bruce Miller +1, Bruce Masatsugu, Darrell Pritchard +1, Joe Matheny, Randy Williams, Rich Wolf +1, Bob Peterson, Al Head, Bob Kavula +1, Rick Dunsker, Peter Weiner +1, Chuck Robinson +1, Bob Burns, Rick Neel, Neal Mettler +?, Joe Mester +1, Bob Bayer +1, Rob Weidenfeld, John DeVito, Joe Kirby +1, Bob Exten +1, Scott Gilmore
1980's - Drew Kern, Jon Hartshorn, Brian Rothenberg, Chris Goebel, Michael Tita +1
1990's - Shawn Selby, J.P. Clowes, Matt Christman-Lees, Tim Cox, Greg Manko, Jeff DeWerth +1, Charley Maghes +1, Kevin Oliphant +1, Tracey Howard +1, Tim Parsons, Eric Gustafson, Chad Rhoads +1, Todd Myers, Chris Kurtz +1
2000's - Craig Sundstrom, Andy Byers +1, Justin Nethers, Matt Dole, Corey Medina, Casey Trail +1, Chris "Smitty" Smith, Seth Wolfson, Trent Elliott +1, Jordon Herrick, Jake Dornon +1, Ashley Woolam, Joshua Downey, Doug Orr +1, Jay Read, Matt Rouhier, Chris Lieb, Brian Ashton (I think), Trevor Brown


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