DTD at MC #70

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hello everybody,
Well I was going to write this yesterday, but I decided to adopt a dog from the Humane Society and had to get the house (and backyard) ready for a dog. So I had to put it off until today, which turned out to be a good thing. I was getting ready to go pick "Buddy" (I think that's the name I'll give him, not sure yet) when my phone rang. It was a call from Dean "Dreamer" Costilow - '75. He stopped in for a minute while on his way to Kentuky to see his son play soccer.

He dropped off his pledge paddle and a copy of the Delt Shield. I'll be dropping them off at the house in the next day or so. Unfortunately, he doesn't think that he will be able to make the 40th. I'm hoping that he is able to adjust his schedule. He did request that I pass his best wishes to everyone, especially the guys he went to school with.

He told me that he has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. All of them are grown and out of the house now, so he has joined that club known as the "empty nesters." It was really nice to see Dean, we sure did some dumb things, back in the day. A lot of fun though.

We are getting all of the plans finalized for the 40th, Fergie seems to feel that it is all coming together nicely, me, I'm pretty nervous about it all. Some of the "improtant" people that we have scheduled to be there are Bruce Peterson, Northern Division President, someone from the Central Office, perhaps Garth Eberhart, Director of Chapter Services. (Jim Russell, who had promised to be with us, had to back out due to the fact that the Purdue Delts are dedicating thier new house that same weekend. And he couldn't talk them into delaying the dedication. So I guess I won't send him any "hate mail"), and someone from the Arch Chapter. Pretty impresive for us. Fergie casts a long shadow, I guess. Plus the undergrads are doing a really good job.

We are now just 45 days from Homecoming. Time is getting short (finally, it seems as if I have been plugging this forever). However we need to get it into gear as far as who is coming. I know that a lot of you have let me know of your intention to be here, and that is wonderful. We are going to have a great turnout. There are going to be a lot of memories shared and a bunch of lies told, I'm sure.

However, now is the time to step up and get your money in. Without payments, it is pretty hard to go to the Shriners and tell them how many to expect for the banquet on Saturday. Also, it is hard to tell the caterers how much food and drink to bring for the Valley Gem river ride. While the drink part will be a cash bar, the food will be part of the price you are paying, and as you can understand, we don't want to buy what we don't need.

Fergie has asked that the deadline for payment be set at October 10th. That's 2 weeks before Homecoming, and we really need to know by then.

I have been asked by a few alums what the cost will be if they can only make the banquet (or the Valley Gem). As much as we hope that you will be able to make it for the entire weekend, we have established a price for each event. The Valley Gem will be $15 and the Banquet is $35. That gets you to the price of $50 for the weekend that is per person. I hope that you all will be able to attend everything and enjoy yourselves.

Please make your check payable to: Crescent Colony of Marietta, Inc. and send it to Bob Ferguson, **removed for privacy reasons**. (If you wish to enclose anything extra, there will be no complaints from House Corp, I'm sure!) If you are bringing someone with you please let us know thier name so we can make a nametag for them. Also if there is any other information (like class year, Greek organization, etc) include that, in case we don't already know it.

So far, we have received payment from 19 Delts and a total of 32 people. That's pretty good for this early, but please get your checks written. That is out of 99 people that have said they are coming. When all is said and done, I expect that we will have 150+ there. Be one of the attendees.

Also, I got the following news from the President of House Corp and our Chapter Advisor. For this homecoming, please there is no "camping out" or sleeping at the house allowed. The feeling is that there will just be too many people in Marietta this weekend and the undergrads will have thier hands full keeping up with the house as it is. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Let's see what I have heard from Delts since the last time. Nick Alyward sent me the following note, he's our first chapter consultant. Any of you out there on the upper east coast get ahold of Nick and visit for a bit.

I plan on being at the 40th. I'll get the check to Ferg. Also, since I will be traveling for the fraternity this year, if any alums are in the areas I am traveling, I'd love to meet up with them and hear about their times at Marietta. I will be traveling the east coast from Maine to D.C. and then all of Pennsylvania. Let me know.
Thanks! Nick Aylward '08

Kevin Oliphant sent me this message. He forgot to include his phone number so I had to go back and ask for it. I'm off that whole week Ollie, you gonna help me not remember it? Here's his phone number, give him a call - **removed**

Hey Rick!
Pass along for any Delts who are in early for the weekend if they'd like to meet for lunch on Friday. Im just 15 minutes away in Vienna WV and would like a chance to catch up at the Townhouse or the Galley or one of the old hangouts from college days. May even have a beer or two.

Wiona Porath (Mike's wife and social secretary) sent along this note. And by the way, they are included on the list now. I'm looking forward to meeting her, she is a well of information. The note about the sorority houses is concerning the ongoing debate about relocating the Delts.

Apparently our email got lost. We responded that we will be attending the40th, but sadly we aren't on the list :( Mike Porath, '90 and Wiona Altic Porath.

Note on Sorority Houses...all but one were owned by the chapters and the one the college owned is now no longer...sad for me and my sisters

Don't forget that the college did own the Tri-Sigma House and look what happend to us...they stole our house and made it into the Admissions office. Now we aren't even on campus. The college never sent any word to the alums that I am aware of when the chapter was having this happen.Anyway, can you add Michael and I to the list of '90's

Pete Weiner sent me the following note. Unfortunately, in a following email he determined that he wasn't going to be able to make the timing work. So he won't be joining us. Sorry to hear that Peter, maybe next year.

Hey Big Bro,
My wife, Karen, and I are trying to finalize our plans for our yearly obligations to family in Charleston and Cincinnati . I'm pushing for the time around Homecoming so we can make the side trip to Marietta to coinside. But incase our timing is off know that I am thinking of you guys.

Also I'm going to try to make the side trip just to sya hey and if we can hook up it
would be great.

Remember I can always be reached through my Web Site**removed** or through
my Dell cell phone **removed**( no I do not advocate Dell, I just fix them).

Shawn Selby sends his greetings from the old country. I used to be able to make the claim of coming the greatest distance to these things, but you have beaten my record, Shawn. I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Hi Rick
I bid you Purple, White and Gold greetings from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland!

Just last week I finally booked my flight back to North America! I'm flying directly from Manchester to Toronto on Friday, Oct. 17. I'll spend that weekend in Toronto seeing my much-missed friends there. Then on the Monday I'll head to Detroit where I will spend a few days before coming down to Marietta on the 23rd or 24th. After Homecoming, it is back to Toronto via Detroit for a nonstop flight back to Manchester on Oct. 27. By my calculations, the distance between Manchester, England, and Marietta is 3,695 miles.

If I can be bothered to make the cross-ocean, continent-hopping trip, well then, none of our Brothers have much of an excuse for not making the trip, from where I sit. :-)

(And I will happily buy a drink for any Brother who has travelled a farther distance to get to Marietta!)

As for everyone else, I suggest they start memorising the words to "God Save the Queen" and "Rule Britannia".
Shawn Selby '92

Tim Parsons sent me some pictures of the newest Delt Legacy - Jacob Timothy Parsons. I won't attempt to post them here, because I send this to some people at work and you know how that goes. But I will attempt to get them to the chapter so they can be posted on the website. He's a good looking guy Tim. Congratulations.

Debby (Smith) Seibert, one of our missing Little Sisters sent me the following note. Debby, I apologize for not responding to you directly (which I will correct when I finish this) but yes, you can only attend the things you wish to. See above.

Dear Rick,
I am one of the missing little sisters class of 1976, Deborah (Debby) Smith. My husband (David Seibert) and I are planning to come to homecoming. At this time we are not sure which functions we are attending as I am also an AST and we will be splitting our time between the two groups.

Will we be able to pay for only the functions we attend? At this time we are considering the social hour at the Shrine Club, tail gating prior to the football game, homecoming parade, and possibly the banquet. Can you update me on those.

We will be staying at the Bestwestern on Muskingum Drive.Please include me
on the e-mail updates.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Brian Stone sent me the following note, as you can all see the number of Alums planning on coming back is increasing. Don't be left out!

Hey Rick.
You are doing a great job with keeping us all informed. I've been trying to work things out to get back for homecoming and I have finally got everything in order.

I just made my plane and hotel reservations so I will be coming back. So put me down for 1. I will be getting my check on to Fergie as soon as possible.

I should be into Marietta some time around noon on Friday, or maybe earlier
depending how fast my rental car is.
Fraternally Brian Stone 1997

I spoke to Cowboy Santini and he said that he would attend as many of the functions as possible depending on the schedule of his daughter and the state soccer tournement. Good luck to her Cowboy, I hope she makes the state finals and wins, but I'd like to see you at homecoming also...(Of curse so would Bob Kavula!)

That's all I have for this week. Remember October is right around the corner! See you all at homecoming. Have a great week, Rick Neel '73