DTD at MC #50

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Good morning to everyone,
Today is a pretty good day for me, I recently took possesion of my house in Marietta (as much possession as I can take while still in the desert), so it is one step closer for me to be going home. Come on Walgreens, get that store open!

As I mentioned last time, I got a couple of volenteers to help find missing brothers from the 90's. Smitty and Gib are looking for our missing. Well Smitty has found 3 so far! And with some help from a list Hops sent me, I found 2 myself. I'll be sending the appropriate part of that list to you two, to help you out. Bear with me. I also got an updated address from one of our newest alums, Doug Orr. The new names I have gotten are: Andy James, Bruce Masatsugu, Eric Knapp, Buel Hall, and Rob Keber **all removed for privacy reasons** . To all of you, welcome home. We now hav e 240 addresses out of a roster of 352. Of those we are missing, some have passed away, some deactivated, some were expelled, and one (unfortunately) has requested that we not contact him. So I think that we are doing pretty well, not good enough yet, but we are getting there. We still need volenteers to help with other decades, if you can help please get in touch with me.

For you new guys, the purpose of this email campaign started out to get the greatest turn out possible for our 40th anniversary on the Marietta campus. That will happen at homecoming 2008. Please make plans to join us in Marietta at that time. Let's have a HUGE turnout and take over the Town House!

Since then it has kind of taken on a life of its own, we now have blogspot, http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/ . Please be sure to check it out and read what Shawn Selby has to say, and the pictures that we are now able to post. If you have any pictures that you want to share with us, please send them to me and I'll get the to Shawn for posting. We had requests for this and now that we have it, no pictures...

Also check out the chapter website, the undergrads have done a bangup job with it. While you are there, take a minute and fill out the Alumni Database form http://www.marietta.edu/~delts/ . While you are there you can also access the Alumni email list and get in contact with the brothers you went to school with (and let me know about anyone you are in contact with that we don't have listed). The password to access the list is; **removed, if you need it contact Rick Neel or the chapter**.

Now let's get on to what I have heard since the last email. Jake Dornan sent me the following email, and I have the answer you wanted Jake. Smitty came up with the address. Hope it is still good, let me know one way or the other would you? Thanks.

You do such a good job at tracking down Delt alumns, I thought I might ask
you to help. A few of us Delts got together this past weekend in Marietta
(Trevor Brown, Matt Dole, Matt Joy, Brian Wolfe and myself),
and we started asking about a close brother, Buel Hall. Buel was my little
brother and a dear friend of mine and Brian's. We have no means of contacting
him because all the numbers that we had for him are no longer current, and the
listing in the phone book is also incorrect. So, if you don't mind... send out
the Delt-bat signal that Brian 'Wolfie' Wolfe and Jeremy 'Jake' Dornon are
trying to track his sorry self down. Any contact info that anyone might have
that is valid and current would be much appreciated!
Jeremy ' Jake ' Dornon, 2002.

Steve Fox sent me the following note and I sent the address. Hope that you and Ted have gotten in touch Steve.

Hi Rick,

Is it possible for you to forward me Ted
email address? We were roommates and I would like to
try and hook up with him. Thanks for your help.

Steve Fox

I read this article on the College website about one of ours, Ashley Wollam. Congratulations Ashley, and keep up the good work.

July 18, 2007 -- A paper written by Marietta College's Ashley Wollam'08 has been
selected for the 2007 Ohio Communication Associationconvention, which will be
held on Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Holiday Inn,Boardman, Ohio.The paper titled, A
Rhetorical Analysis of Instant Messaging and AwayMessages through the Critical
Lenses of Corey Anton, George HerbertMead, and Kenneth Burke, was written by
Wollam of Westerville, Ohio.Wollam is double majoring in communication and
English.His paper, which was selected the top undergraduate student
paper,examined the way college students use the Away Message function oftheir
Instant Messaging Accounts in attempts to achieve an authenticself, create an
authentic identity, and purge their guilt for theirlack of authentic connection
with other people while using threecritical perspectives."It was a pleasure
working with Mr. Wollam on his capstone project,"said Dr. Robert McMan us,
assistant professor of communication andmedia studies. "He shows great potential
as a scholar and his paperrepresents Marietta College well."The Ohio
Communication Association is a professional organization ofcommunications
teachers, professors, and scholars in high schools anduniversities throughout
the State of Ohio. The organization isaffiliated with the National Communication
Association. OCA offers anannual conference for scholars and presents awards at
this conferencefor teachers and students who have achieved excellence in
academics,student organizations, or professional work.-- HeeJu Kang College

From Delt Headquarters in Indy, I got the following email. Please note the link at the bottom where you can read each chapters reports from the last year. Check out what the Marietta Delts sent in (I have to admit I haven't looked yet myself). Also, the fraternity sesquicentennial year is here. Happy Birthday DTD.

August 1 on Wednesday, the sesquicentennial celebration which began at the 2006
Indianapolis Karnea will shift to another gear and race toward its culmination
in August 2008 at the Sesquicentennial Karnea in Pittsburgh. On August 1, 2007
the Fraternity will officially begin its 150th year. It promises to be a year to
remember. The Rainbow allows you to celebrate the sesquicentennial each day with
the special sesquicentennial edition of the magazine. Your edition will arrive
in your mailbox in the coming days.2006-07 CHAPTER REPORTSChapter reports from
the Fall 2006 and Spring 2007 semesters currently are on-line for you to catch
up on what your chapter and other chapters accomplished this past school
year.CLICK HERE TO READ CHAPTER REPORTShttp://www.delts.org/2 006-07ChapterReports.pdf

I guess that is about all I have for this time.

Here are some names that I need help finding. If you are in contact with any of them, please let me know. Keith Zak '78, Matthew Mancall '80, Stephen Marino '80, Kevin Geiger '81, Helmuth Hinz '81, William Costello '82, William Curz '84, Jay Ehret '84, William Ludington '84, Gregg Vander Lay '84, Paul Kelly '85 and Mike Malone '85. That appears to be most of the first half of the 80's. I'll get more next time. Thanks for the help!

Have a good week, Rick Neel '73

PS - I sent Shawn my story for the booklet he is putting together for the 40th, have you? Rick