DTD at MC #39

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good afternoon everyone,

This has been a very eventful week for EU.

We had a great weekend at the Northern Division Conference. The story of that weekend was told by Shawn Selby here on our Blog. I hope that you all checked that out. A very well written article I think.

Then just after that, on Feb. 20th to be exact, the Chapter Web site was totally upgraded. Adam Hopkins (the Chapter webmaster) did a great job, please go check it out. I think you will be as impressed as I was.

There is one section of the site that I would like to bring to your attention. It is under the Alumni section of the site, the Alumni Database Form, The nice thing about this form, is that it allows the Alumni to keep the Chapter (and me!) updated about new email addresses, snail-mail addresses, life changes, etc.

PLUS (and this is important), there is a place for you to let the Chapter know who your Big Brother and Little Brothers were. This will allow the Undergrads to update and correct the errors that are in the Big Brother Board at the chapter. We are aware that there are some errors there, please help us get them corrected. Aside from that, I hope that you will go check out the new site, because there has been a lot of work put into the upgrade.

While Hops was working on the Web site upgrade (without letting me know! So much for being on the "inside"), I was bugging him for some help on the address list. And, as usual, he didn't let me down. He went through and put an asterick next to all of the Chapter presidents’ names. I know it isn't much, but I thought that it would be nice to honor those of us who served as president. Did you know that there were two who served two years? I had forgotten. Matt Dole, of course, was one. Do you know who was the other? Check out the address book and find out.

One thing that was a bit disheartening, there are several past presidents that don't have an address on file. I think that we need to be in contact with all of them. Check out the address book and help find the missing for us. Thanks for that.

I still have no news to report about the ritual equipment fundraiser. But I still have to ask that you consider making a donation so we can replace the worn out equipment. Send your checks to the Crescent Colony of Marietta Inc., c/o Bob Ferguson, 507 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750. Make a note on your check that it is for ritual equipment. Thank you. This is the last request until I get some information to pass along to you.

I have some new addresses to pass along to you and, as usual, some names I need some help with. So let's get started.

Trent Leupp and Jay Read both sent in new email address. I’ve removed them from this post for privacy, but they are available in Alumni section of the Chapter Web site.

Tom Tintera sent me a copy of a letter sent written in 1967. It may be the first effort in a Chapter mailing. Hops and Shawn will try to figure out how to get it posted here on the Blog.

I came across this newsletter the other day. I am directly to the right of the left pillar. I thought you would enjoy this historical document.
Tom Tintera ’71
The names I need help on are below:

Willliam Warner '68, Ken Weaver '75, Scott Gilmore '79, Dean Didato '84, Rodney Wells '89, Seth Pitasky '93, Eric Knapp '99, Seth Wolfson '04, Joshua Harris '08.

That's all I have this week. Hope to see all of you at the golf outing in April (the cost is generally $50, though I haven't heard about this year) and if not then, Homecoming is in October. And our 40th anniversary is in October 2008, I hope you are planning on that special weekend.

Rick Neel '73

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Our Undergraduate Brothers continue to make us proud.

I returned from the Northern Division Conference in Columbus Sunday evening, and I’m happy to report that Epsilon Upsilon received from the International Fraternity three awards for recruitment (rush), one award for academics and a Programming Award for Showcasing the Delt Spirit.

But, just as significant, every Important Delt Person I talked to had nothing but good things to say about our Undergrads.

An example of the type of good things being said about them: I sat in on a session for new Chapter Advisors and Alumni Advisory Team Members. Jim Russell, the International Fraternity’s Executive Vice President, said that Epsilon Upsilon was one of the fraternity’s "few high-functioning chapters."

Those are words of high praise from the Delt who runs Central Office.

They’ve really got their act together, and it is being noticed by the rest of the Fraternity.

All weekend long I got to enjoy the spotlight being shown on our Undergrads for more than just the five awards they picked up:
  • Outgoing Chapter President Craig Sundstrom was offered, and accepted, a position as Chapter Consultant – the first Epsilon Upsilon graduate to be named a Chapter Consultant.
  • Undergraduates Ashley Wollam and Sundstrom each were asked to introduce speakers at the conference.
  • Our Undergraduates were active members on each of the conferences committees, including Adam Hopkins, who was the only Undergraduate on the Northern Division’s auditing committee.
  • Our indefatigable Fergie chaired the auditing committee, gave a speech in support of the winning candidate for Northern Division President and spoke Sunday morning on the topic of "Power."

With all that stage time, this really was Epsilon Upsilon’s show.

They’ve been working hard and it is really showing.

I know some of them were hoping that this would be the year that the Chapter could again lay claim to Court of Honor and possibly even another Hugh Shield Award for Chapter Excellence.

It was not in the cards. This time.

But, unlike those of us who were Undergraduates during the Great Disappointment of 1990, they handled it with a lot more grace and dignity. They resolved to continue doing what they do well and to work on what they can do better.

In short, they handled it like men. They handled it like Delts. Our Delts.

Drop them a note telling them how proud you are of them through Chapter President Nick Aylward at naa001@marietta.edu.

Shawn "I will NOT go to Ritual at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday" Selby '92

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DTD at MC #38

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hello everyone,

I wanted to get this email out now, because starting today, the Northern Division Conference is going on in Columbus, Ohio. Several of the undergrads will be attending as well as a few alums. Shawn Selby will be one of the alums, and he has promised to post a message with his impressions of the weekend on our Blog, be sure to check it out sometime early next week. That is unless we get some incredible award during the weekend (read Hugh Shields) and then he promises to report that during the conference. The blog address is: http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/

Since the last email, the Chapter has installed new officers, that report can be read at the chapter web page. I understand that all of the meeting notes will be posted on the site, so if you are interested in reading them, check them out. Also, since my last email, some increased security has been put in place. Both the email list and the meeting notes require a password to access them. The password is "***Removed - If you need the password, contact me***" please make note of it for purposes of consulting the email directory.

Here is the letter that Hops sent me concerning the password. He also had a request for a project that the house is working on. For those of you planning on attending the Golf Outing (the weekend of April 28th), drop Adam Hopkins a line and let him know if you are interested.

Hey Rick,

I added a password to both the email list and the minutes. The password for both is "***removed***" and that is all undercase. It will ask for the password whenever you try to open one of the documents.

Also, I am on the Member Education Committee and we want to do an event that deals with alumni networking. We were wondering if you and some other alumni (we're hoping for 3-4) would be willing to talk to us about your job experiences; it's very open ended about what you can talk about. We'll probably have more information in the upcoming weeks. This would take place during the alumni weekend at the end of April (27th-29th, i believe are the dates).

Please let me know if you are willing to do so, and you can have any interested alumni, who will at MC for that weekend, email me (aph001@marietta.edu) or the Delts account (delts@marietta.edu).

Thanks a lot,


James Kane sent this offer to me, about the ritual equipment project. It is a nice way to make our money stretch further. Thanks James!

Hey Rick,

Just something to keep in mind. If we can plan to buy any materials that we need from Lowe's on a weekend that I can make it to Marietta, I can use my employee discount card for 10% off the materials.

James Kane

Along that same line, I haven't heard any more from the undergraduates about thier shopping list, nor has Ferg given me an updated amount of gifts. Just to reiterate, we are in the midst of a fundraiser for new ritual equipment for the chapter. Please make your check payable to the Crescent Colony of Marietta Inc. send it, with a note that it is for the ritual equipment, to Robert Ferguson at 507 Wooster St., Marietta, Ohio 45750. Thank you.

This next bit of news is a first for us. I'm also sure that Steve Pouliot isn't the only guy that we are missing from our email listing, so if you would, please check the names on our address list for your era, and if someone is missing, please let Hops or me know, so we can try to chase them down.

Web site looks great.I attended Marietta 83-84, did not graduate, but look at my time at the Delt house as some of my fondest memories. Feel free to email me at raceguy2000@yahoo.com.

Steve Pouliot

To the "eternal pledge" welcome, I am really glad that you found us.

We had a conversation after I got the above email from the Chapter, and I'll include it here.

Steve Pouliot,

My name is Rick Neel, I am a Delt from MC, and Igraduated in 1973. My job with the Chapter is to build a complete email directory of all of the EU Delts. So welcome to our group. I am sorry to say that for some reason your name doesn't appear on my list of brothers. I was aware that I was probably missing some names, so I'm thrilled to find you. What year would you have graduated, had you remained at Marietta? I ask this so I can tell where to put you. Did you activate with the chapter? Or remain a pledge?

Thanks for any information you can supply me.

Sorry it took me so long to get back in touch with you, but like I say, I just received the email today.

Fraternally, Rick Neel


I did not graduate. I did not activate. For a number of years after I left I was the answer to trivia questions for pledges. I think it was worded "who is the eternal pledge?".

I would have graduated in 1987.

Pretty funny your email comes now, as a few of us were making very tentative plans to attend Homecoming.

Any other info you want/need?

Steve Pouliot


I'm really glad that I got the chance to talk to you. I hope that you do decide to come to Homecoming, I'd like to meet you. I'd like to invite you to go to the Chapter Web site, www.marietta.edu/~delts/ and check it out. The Undergrads have made
some nice improvements to it. Also, there is a link to our Alumni blog, the Alumni newsletter (the Protimoi), and our email address listing (which I will have you added to very shortly). The password to access the email list (and meeting notes) is: *****, please make use of the list and contact some of the brothers that were around when you were. Both of you will enjoy the contact.

I started the emails (they are in the blog) with the intent of having a great 40th anniversary of DTD at the MC campus. That will occur during homecoming 2008.

I hope that you can attend. We also will be having our annual golf outing in April. You are cordially invited to attend that also.

Welcome aboard! My DTD email address is rneel11@comcast.net if you need or wish to contact me, please use it as I check it daily and respond pretty promptly. If you want to give the guys an update on what has been going on in your life, drop me a line and I will include it in my next email to the alums (I will add you to that list also!).

Fratermally, Rick Neel '73

It is pretty exicting to me to find a brother that I had no idea about. Hopefully we can find all of us and get in contact with them. Speaking of finding Delts, here is my list of missing brothers for this week. If you can help with an address, let me know.

Franklin Hirsch '69, James Meads '72, Bruce (Pineapple) Masatsugu '75, Jeff Salway '80, John Marfy '85, Doug Stewart '90, Ben Weaver '96, Jay Read '05.

That's all I have for today, have a good weekend. I hope to see you in April.

Rick Neel '73