DTD at MC #43

Friday, April 20, 2007

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that everyone is getting ready for next weekend!

Our annual golf outing, and this year ritual equipment building event.I'm getting excited, I get a chance to beat a high school/college buddy.I went out and played a round yesterday AWK so I'm armed and ready. Are you?

Darrell Pritchard told me I'm in trouble, he hasn't seen me hit the ball that well in years. So he figures that my best shots have all been used up. Damn! If you are planning on going and haven't let Matt Dole know that you are coming, please drop him a line quickly so he can get a tee time for you. His address is: **removed** Matt, is that a new address? Do I need to update you again?

I don't have a lot of new today, so I'll just get into the messages I received.

Seth Wolfson sent this in.

Hey there,

I'm coming into town for next weekend's festivities read: Doo Dah Day. I won't be golfing but look forward to seeing everyone around the house.


Have a good time Seth, but come join us on Saturday for the ritual building. That should be fun too.

From Brian Stone I got this note:


Great job on everything here. About one of the "lost" brothers, I think that your best option for finding Dean Kilton would be through Jess Raines. I don't know if they are still in contact, but they used to be.

Brian Stone '97

Thanks for the note Brian, and Jess do you think that you could help out here? Thanks!

Last time there was a question about the Little Sister program. I got an answer from Ashley Woolam, one of our Undergrads. Hope that it answers your question, Pat.


Good work on the latest blog posting!

A quick note about the Little Sis program. I’ve spoken with Jim Russell and a handful of other Delt Interationals officers about why the program isn’t allowed at undergraduate chapters any longer. Simple prudence is the real reason. Although Delta Tau Delta never had any really big issues with the program (no “situations,” I mean), other fraternities have, and we were trying to be progressive, while also responding to some Panhellenic complaints about respecting women. So, that’s the short of it.

For what it’s worth, Epsilon Upsilon still has a dedicated cadre of young ladies who are de facto Little Sisters (I’m sitting and eating lunch with one, Shauna Payne, right now while I write to you) – they just don’t get their pictures taken any longer. Instead we give them pledge names. Shauna’s is “Colonel Sanders.” You’ll have to ask her why when you meet her.

Cheers, Ashley

Colonel Sanders??? I am interested in hearing that story! Goose Kitson sent me this request. As you all know, the cost of a college education is getting higher and higher every year. And belonging to a Fraternity isn't getting any cheaper either. If any of you have any ideas to help, or jobs to offer, please get in touch with me or Goose. His address is: **removed** Thanks for the help.

Hey Rick,

This is John Kitson - GooSe. One of the problems the chapter is starting to face is the fact that on top of the 32k a year it's costing to attend Marietta College each year, we're cutting our budgets and still charging our members $600 a year to be a Delt because of national insurance costs. It's well worth the money, but finding the money for some members is hard with no financial support from family.

To find ways to proactively attack this, I'm coming up with a possible position of fundraising chair whose sole responsibility is to find ways for brothers to make money through the school year. First of all I want to say that we are not asking for alumni donations. Alumni donations are always welcome, but the reason for writing this is to attempt to find ideas that maybe past Delts have raised money for the chapter or a cause or something of that nature. As a Delt of another generation, I figure you would know ways that you guys raised money or something. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Be sure to check the Chapter Web site for the pictures from the hanging of the new Delt letters at the house. The Web site address is: http://www.marietta.edu/~delts/ While you are there, please fill out the Alumni questionaire so the Chapter can update everyones records including your Big and Little Brothers.

Here are some "lost brothers" that I need help finding this week. If you are in contact with them, send me the email addresses. Thank you.

Roger Coffman '69, Murray Talssnik '71, Peter Grob '72, Gregory Carriera '78, Duke Weller '82(past president), Charles Myers '88, Dennis McNaboe '94, Vince Li '05

That's all I have this week, have a good weekend and I'll see you in Marietta next week.

Rick Neel '73

DTD at MC #42

Friday, April 06, 2007

Hello everyone,

Not a whole lot went on in the last couple of weeks, so I kind of got lazy. My apologies about that. But here we go. Hope that everyone had their NCAA brackets written right! It was a pretty good tournament this year I thought.

I read the chapter minutes from a couple of weeks ago, and Fergie reported to the Undergrads the following about the ritual equipment.

Received new checks for building ritual equipment – Have plenty of money. Plan to build during Alumni Weekend (April 27th – 29th)

So to all of you who contributed to the ritual fund, THANK YOU!! I have no idea who contributed, nor how much was given. To my mind it makes no difference, we gave what we could. Now for all of you, be in Marietta the weekend of the 27th so we can put the new equipment together. It is going to feel strange to not ask for money each e-mail though! Remember that on the weekend of the 27th we will be having our alumni golf outing, come play in that also. It is always a good time, and some of the funds goes to House Corp.

I haven't gotten any updates from Hops (he did send me a note that I haven't answered yet - oops) or Shawn concerning the photo link or section. I suspect that they are busy. I'll bug them in a few days and find out what is happening.

Also in the minutes was a notation that the shelter was going to get new letters for the exterior of the house.

Alumnus paying for new letters for the front of the Shelter

I have no idea who the Alumnus is who is paying for those letters, but a big thank you for the donation. The next meeting notes had the following.

New letters for the house have been bought, will be sending an email so everyone can be there for the hanging of the letters.

So it looks as if the new letters will have been hung by the time we all get back for the golf outing. Way to go!

I've been in contact with Joe Mester lately, and he is putting together a story about the "good old days" that he will be sending to Shawn Selby for inclusion in our 40th anniversary booklet. The rest of you that have something to share start to think and get it to Shawn. October 2008 will be here before you know it. And it will take Shawn some time to get all of this put together.

I have received a couple of letters from some alums this week and I got a new address or two, so I'll post them now. Mike Pantos sent the following message:

Hi Rick,

Thanks for including me. I'm glad Steve gave you my info. I'll check the form out to see what I can add to the brothers' info on alumni. Glad to be on board and thanks again for including me.

Mike Pantos
Class of '87
Welcome Mike and hope to see you at the chapter in the future. His comment about the board is in reference to the "Alumni Database form" at the Chapter Web site - http://www.marietta.edu/~delts. And it is to help the undergraduates keep accurate records about us, the Alumni (thereby helping me add names to my email list!) Also it is to help fix any errors in our big brother board at the Chapter. We know there are some errors and we want to get them corrected by the time our 40th rolls around. For your information, there are only 567 days left to make your plans!

From Bob and Pat Bayer (written by Pat) we get the following:

Dear Rick,
Among your missing are Mark SCHIKLER, and Doug SHAFFER. For Doug, you could check with MC Alumni office for Linda Bond Shaffer (AST '73). The last we knew Mark was living and had a practice in CT. BAM may know where he is now.

We both really enjoy reading your updates. Wish we were closer to MC so we could go back more often, but life here in Utah is pretty hectic. Bob is the managing principal in an environmental consulting firm he owns with a partner. I work with them part-time these days. He is also on the state board for the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining and the board for the Utah Mining and Mfg Assoc.

I have not seen any mention of the Little Sis program. Is it still in existence? I am sure you have fond memories of that, as I do.

Thanks for all you have done and continue to do to keep us all up on DTD at MC.

Bob '71 & Pat '73 Bayer
I have gotten the address for Mark, thanks to BAM. As far as Doug Shaffer goes, that is a good suggestion, could you check with the alumni office for me Hops? And perhaps, BAM, your lovely wife Beth has kept up with Linda. It is nice to hear from some people from my years!

As far as the Little Sister program goes, no Pat it isn't in existence any longer. I'm not really clear about the reason, but it is something that DTD International outlawed. Something about political correctness, I think. If there is anyone who knows the real story, kindly let me know and I'll pass it along to the rest of us. That does bring to mind another issue, we can use the email addresses of the Little Sis's. If anyone has any, let me know.

Charley Maghes sent me this:


To follow-up on your lost brother list, I found Gordon Keller and have his email **removed**. He's in Connecticut and is married (in 2004).Just wanted to pass this along. Thanks a lot for doing this!

By the way, I assume that you have an email address for Paul Giannotti. I didn't see it in the email sent string below, but I wanted to get in contact with him (he's my Big Bro). Anyway, if you can pass my email address along to him so he can contact me, I'd appreciate it.


There we go, a little and a big getting back in contact with each other. Pretty neat don't you think? Check our address book at the chapter website and find your big and drop him a note. You can find it in the Alumni section of the website. The password to get in is: **removed for security reasons, if you need it, please contact me or Hops at the Chapter**

The new addresses that I received this week are: Gordon Keller , Mike Pantos , Mark Schickler, an updated email address for Dean Didato. **above addresses removed** To the new men, welcome. I started this in order to try and get a good turnout for our 40th anniversary on the Marietta campus, in 2008. If you are interested in reading all the other emails, as well as articles from Shawn Selby, and notices from Hartsy (Jon Hartshorn - president of House Corp). Please check out our Blog: http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/

The missing brothers for this week are: Thomas Lindvall '71, Scott Elger '74, Matt Sutko '78, Kurt Frank '81, Jeff Gardner '86 (past president), David Faunce '94, Dean Kilton '96, Tim Tokarczyk '04. So far we have 233 addresses on the list, so we are making good progress towards getting everyone. We only have about 500 days to get the rest, so they will have time to make plans to invade Marietta. Wouldn't it be great to have over 400 of us in Marietta at one time? Geeze, can you imagine, we'd never all fit in the Town House. That's the goal, can we get there?

Have a great weekend, Rick Neel '73