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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Good afternoon everyone,

Well if you haven't been checking out the Delt Blog, you have missed some exciting times. http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/

We have learned how to post pictures! One of the recent requests is now up and running. These things take some time, but we got there. Thank you Shawn! At this point, if you have pictures that you would like to share with us, send them to me (and I will forward them to Shawn who will post them in the appropriate email). Since these emails go to some of you at work, we won't be able to post the pictures as an attachment to the email. Eventually Shawn will show me how to do this and I'll be able to.

Shawn has posted several articles in the blog, with the pictures he has posted. Check them out. He posted a link from WTAP TV in Parkersburg concerning the demolition of Dawes Library in preperation for the construction of the new one. He posted a few pictures he took at the Alumni Weekend,check them out.

He also got in contact with Matt Christman (his email address will be below) who sent him an update on his life. He and his partner Ray are the happy parents of a couple of children that they adopted. Congratulations you two! I won't tell the whole story here, go check it out and see the pictures. He also got an update about J.P. Clowes. Seems that he and his wife Nina are the parents of a new baby girl, Sarah Elizabeth. Congratulations to you two also. Check out that article and the pictures at the blog also.

Like I said, a lot has happened over there! Also, we have had over 1000 hits at the site now. Pretty good in 10 months.

Now on to the notes that I have received since my last posting. Tim Cox sent me the following, for those of you in the Danville, KY area go check out a play and say "Hi" to Tim.

Hey Rick,

Thanks for the updates.I love reading them.

I wanted to share some news with you for your next update.

I will be performing in four plays this summer at the Pioneer Playhouse, a summer stock company in Danville, Kentucky, from May 28th to August 6th. Danville is about two hours from Louisville and about 45 minutes from Lexington, Kentucky, so if anyone lives in the area, drop me a line at timcoxactor@yahoo.com.

Maybe we can catch up.

Have a great summer!

Tim Cox '99

Lance Koved and Ashley Wollam both sent me notes about my upcoming move home. Thanks for the thoughts guys, but I have already bought a house, and am just waiting for closing. It is on Harmar Hill and about 10 minutes from campus (isn't everything in Marietta just 10 minutes away?). Ashley, I would love to own 507 Putnam, but unfortunatly it is out of my price range.


Thanks for the periodic updates. I always enjoy them. I am surprised that you are moving back to Marietta since I believe you have spent most of the time since graduation in Florida and Arizona. I guess you will have to invest in cold weather clothing. Personally I've had it with cold weather and we continue to enjoy our house in Florida. I'm still working in Pennsylvania so I get enough of the cold on my visits once or twice a month.


Are you interested in buying the old Delt house? If so, I can put you in contact with the owner. He’s looking to sell badly.

Randy Williams sent me this note, with Dennis McNoboe's address. Welcome Dennis! I wish I had known Randy was in Denver, I had that weekend off and could have gone to see him! Ah well, next time.


It must be a slow week. Dennis McNoboe's e-mail is **removed**. It is spelled Alderson Broaddus. He is the Associate Dean of Student Services/Director of Residence & Student Leadership. I just went to their web site in good old West Virginia. I am back in Lancaster. I sure enjoyed my time in Denver. I did little that was scheduled outside of my classes. I came back very relaxed. I enjoyed talking with you last weekend.

Let me know if I can do anything for you back here in Ohio. If by chance you will be in the BIG CITY on July 7th (Saturday), Nancy always has a big cookout, horse shoe championship, beer drinking, fireworks display at her place out past Whipple. You are always welcome.

See you soon,


I got a note from Hartsy concerning the replacement of the Shelter (all of you know, I'm sure that the house on 4th Street is on its last legs and won't last forever). He is in contact with the college and hopes to have some news soon. As I find out more, I'll be sure to let you all know.

Plans are beginning to shape up for our 40th anniversary. If there is anything special that any of you would like to see included in the weekend, please let me know. I'm looking for volunteers to get in personal contact with all of us. My thinking is that one or two people could get together and chase down all of the brothers in a given 1/2 decade. For instance, someone for the 60's, someone for 1970-1974, someone for 1975-1979, and so on. Please don't be shy, step forward and volunteer.

Also, don't forget to send your stories and memories to Shawn Selby sselby@crain.com for inclusion in the booklet he is working on for that weekend. Time is running out, remember, it takes time to put that type of thing together.

Here are the new addresses that I have received, drop your friends a line and say hi, both of you will appreciate it. **the addresses have been removed for privacy reasons** Sean Bailey, Dennis McNoboe, Matt Sutko, Joshua Downey and Matt Christman.

This weeks missing Delts are (I've asked for most of the missing, pretty soon I'll be starting over!): Steven Blumenfeld '80, Stephen DeLong '80, Bruce Goldfarb '83, Richard Ptak '83, Kelly McKerahan '85, Rudy Harjanto '87, and Duane Stokes '88.

Have a good week.

Rick Neel '73

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In which Shawn pretends he is Rick, episode two

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Via Charley Maghes '95, I am happy to report that J.P. Clowes '93 and his wife Nina became parents of a daughter over the weekend.

Sarah Elizabeth was born on June 1, weighing 6 pounds and 12 ounces. Mom, dad and older brother and future Delt Michael are all doing well.


Congratulations, J.P.! Virtual cigars for everyone!

Shawn "Stork. The Other White Meat." Selby '92
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In which Shawn pretends he is Rick

While giving updates on alumni is normally Rick's province, I recently made contact with Matt (Christman) Christman-Lees '94, so I thought I'd pass on what he's been up to.

Matt and his partner of 11 years, Ray, are living in Worthington, Ohio. Matt is a communications consultant in the IT department at Nationwide Insurance. Last June, Matt and Ray adopted two Haitian children -- Jenny, age 7, and future Delt Aaron, who just turned 4 this week. (A family photo is below.) Matt says they hope to add more children to their family soon.

Matt says he misses going to the Mountaineer in Parkersburg (hey, Undergrads, you didn't invent going there!).

Matt would love to hear from everyone. I'm passing along his email address to both Rick and Hops, so it will be added to the Alumni database soon, which you can access on the Chapter's Web site.

As you all can see, we've figured out how to post photos, so if you'd like to include photos with any updates you send to Rick, feel free to do so. We won't be able to have the photos be a part of Rick's emails, but we can add them to the blog when we post his email updates there.

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In which Shawn learns how to post photos

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Here are some photos I took at the Spring Alumni Weekend before my camera became temporarily disabled. (Click on the photo to see the rest of the album.)

Spring Alumni Weekend 2007


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Dawes Memorial Library, RIP

Friday, June 01, 2007

Well, they've started tearing down the library.

Here's a link to a video story on it by WTAP. The one student interviewed is Undergraduate Delt Jeff Wojton, vice president of the Chapter. Go Jeff!

After watching the video, to which I was alerted by Sigma Sigma Sigma alumna Charla Nutter '95, I was struck by two things:

1. It was pretty upsetting to see the bulldozer crashing into the library. The library memorializes MC alumnus Charles Dawes, a former vice president of the United States. He's definitely the highest-ranking office holder this college has ever produced. Now that legacy goes unmarked. Plus, I worked at the library my first semester at Marietta and in the evenings one summer. So I got to go into all the nooks and crannies that we off limits to everyone else. :-)

2. WTAP, the Parkersburg TV station, still sucks. Really sucks. It was bad in the late 80s and early 90s. It is still bad today. A quote from the piece describes the library as "a symbol of knowledge the college departs on students year after year."

I guess I must have been there during the years the college imparted knowledge.

I hope the WTAP reporter didn't go to Marietta!

And now for something completely different ...

I have been AWOL on my blogging duties, namely formatting Rick's posts.

The day I returned to work from the Spring Alumni Weekend, we had two editors leave their jobs, and I've had to add a lot of duties temporarily to my portfolio, namely overseeing the content and production of the biggest issue of Crain's Detroit Business that we publish each year.

The last of it went to press this evening

I've been working 50-plus hours a week and taking work home on the weekend as a result. The worst of it is over.

I'm now going back through the blog and doing the appropriate clean up on Rick's most recent reports. I'll also have some housekeeping posts in the next few weeks as well.

I know Rick thinks that I have abandoned him, but I haven't.

In the imortal words of myself: "I'm baaaaacccckkkkk!"



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