DTD at MC #63

Monday, April 14, 2008

Good afternoon everyone,

Well today is just a beautiful day here in Marietta. Makes me remember why I moved back here in the first place. Also made me get off of my butt and make the reservations with the golf club for our Annual Delt Golf Tournament.

Our golf day will be April 26th. That is the last Saturday in April. Make your plans to be here. Let me know if you will be here, please. I need to keep the golf course updated as to the number of us that will be playing. We have reservations at the Golf Club of West Virginia in Waverly. It is about a 15 minute drive from the fraternity house. Our tee times begin at 10:30 am. The cost will be $35.00 per person, and that is for 18 holes and a cart. As usual, we will be playing a best ball fromat. The green fees will be between $28 and $33 per round with the rest of the $35 going to the House Corp. Are you going to be here Hartsy??? I haven't heard from you for quite a while now.

As most of you remember, last year we had a fundraising program to replace the ritual equipment for the chapter. Last Sunday, I attended an activation of the spring pledge class (5 men), it was the first formal meeting that I have attended since we built the new equipment. It looks really nice, the undergrads did one heck of a job putting it all together. We still need some more equipment, but what we have now is nice. Add the new equipment with the new robes that the College purchased for us and the hard work that the ritual team put into the ceremony and it was very impressive. Thank you to all that donated to the project.

I mentioned last time that I had been in contact with the college in an attempt to secure the email addresses for some of our missing brothers. The alumni office found several men for us.

Here they are, if you know any of them, please drop them a line and say Hi. Roger Coffman, William Costello, Dave Caldwell, Jim Bailey, Duane Stokes, Brian Clark, Jimmy Long, Adam Mermer, and Brent Blackburn **addresses removed for privacy reasons** This gives us the addresses of over 285, spectacular I think.

Since the last time I wrote, I made an attempt to contact our Little Sisters. I only have the names from the composites to go by and I wrote to the ones I could get addresses from. The only person who wrote back is Marianne (Paul) Mahoney, her address is **removed** . Welcome back to DTD Marianne. I am looking for the email addresses of the rest of them. If you are in contact with any of the girls, please send me an address. Here are the names that I have, Dona Jenkins, Beth Thompson (I have her address since she is married to BAM), Tina Chapin, Patty Ritchie, Lelia Woods, Ellen Schreiber, Denise Rizzolo (she married Joe Pitrone one of our pledges), Sharon Czajkowski, Wendy Binder, Deborah Smith, Barbara Foster, Kathy Strauss, and Karlene Betts. There may be others who never made the composite and girls that should be included in the group even if we had disbanded the Little Sister Program. If you are aware of anyone who I should be inclulding, please let me know.

Marianne sent me this note when she contacted me:

Hi Rick,
Hope all has been going well for all former and current DTD's. Am currently
living in central VA. Have one son at home in his last year of high school and
one in his freshman year of college. Am semi-retired and enjoying life but keep
very busy with the yard and home when not working in one of the labs over at
UVA. It would be interesting to learn what other DTD's and Little Sisters have
been doing.All for now.Marianne (Paul) Mahoney '75

Michael Tita sent the following, I guess that treasurers are the same no matter the era. Glad you are coming back Michael.

Hi Rick,
Just wanted to RSVP that my wife and I will be attending Home Coming this
year. Thanks for all your work on this. Also, tell Fergie hi for me. He may remember me as the treasurer that helped bring the Chapter from persistent red into the black. Yes, I was (am?) a S.O.B. :-)

Bob Peterson sent the following note to Fergie and a copy to me. If you are planning on going to Karnea and want to let the rest of us know, drop me a line. As close as we are to Pittsburgh, there is the offer for us to have a reception for the chapter. If interested, let me know and we'll se what we can set up.

Hi Bob,
Some weeks ago I think you sent me an e-mail about the Karnea. Since January I have been to Budapest, two trips to Tokyo, two trips toBrussels & Paris and one trip to Boston & NYC. So somewhere during all this traveling I lost track of the communication. I am now in Rome and getting ready to go to Brussels, Boston, LA and then to Tokyo again all in next 3-4weeks.I am planning to attend the Karnea as part of the EU undergraduate and alumni delegation in August. Please let me know how to register and I would like to know who or how many are planning to come from EU so we can all congregate as a united force. I have been in contact with Norval Stephens by e-mail lately and looking forward to seeing him there too. FYI, my wife and I are in the process of selling our home and property in Roma and will be out of here hopefully by the summer. I am renovating our family home near Boston on Lake Wickaboag and converting it from a summer home to proper year round residence. Most likely I will be moving back to Tokyo with my wife and re-establishing residency there again from January 2009 as most of my business activities are shifting to Asia. I will then shuttle back and forth between Japan and my Lake Wickaboag house during the year.Still on track to by at EU 40th.


PS: Rick, welcome back to Marietta and great job on the alumni

Steve Pouliot sent me the following note. It shows that some of us are in contact with others that we don't even realize are amoung the missing. If this applies to you, contact that brother and get him involved. Thanks.

didn't know buzzy was among the missing. I knew where he was hiding all

Steve Pouliot

Todd Spence sent the following challenge. Now, I'm not sure how you can issue a challenge when you haven't committed yourself, but here it is. I have a challenge for you Todd, join us in October. It'll be fun.

OK where is all the 1980's people?

I want to put forth the challenge (I am not committing to going yet) I want
all my pledge class to atend the event there were 9 of us. Where are all of you?

Plus where is Jim Berry, Jim Blumenfeld... and Tom Mcvey?????

Todd Spence Grad 1981

What a long stange trip its been...... Good to hear that Al Head is
stil alive and kickin....

Joshua Downey sent the following note, not for the first time. I had dropped the ball. Sorry about that.

Hey Rick,

Joshua Downey here, '07. I think I sent something to Jordan Herrick, but
maybe something got lost in translation. Sign me up for the 40th!!

Joshua Downey

Doug Orr sent me the following note. It raises and good point. Please send the $50 to:Bob Ferguson. Make it payable to the Crescent Colony of Marietta, Inc. The sooner you send it the better because we earn interest on the money! Rick the fundraiser, that's me!

I will be attending the homecoming in October and I will be bringing 1 person with me. I was also wondering when we needed to have the $50 in? As I work with Ferg it will not be hard for me to get it to him but I just wondered when it needed to be in by? Let me know and great job with the e-mails.

Thanks, Doug Orr

Charley Maghes sent in this note, and then he followed it up with another. A friend of the Delts will be coming with him.

Rick and Jordan,

Just wanted to let you know that I am planning on attending Homecoming and
the 40th celebration. I will be coming alone so I only need one ticket. Please let me know who and where to send my money.

Thanks! Charley

Rick & Jordan,
I'd like to add an additional person to my reservation. A college friend of mine (Charla Nutter) was close to several of the EU Delts of my era and I invited her to attend with me (since my wife is staying in Columbus with our three kids). I'll forward the check for both to Fergie within the next week.

Thanks! Charley

Hops sent me this bit of bad news, my condolences go to Paul's family.

Hey Rick,

I received a note from Paul Schoenfeld's mother that he passed away following an emergency surgery in August of 2005. I had sent the save-the-date card to their address, because it was the only one I had. This is a very unfortunate update that I thought we may get from sending those postcards.

She goes on to say that his wife and children remain in New Jersey, where
Paul was in business.


Joe Mester has offered to send me the emails that we are missing from the blog, so when he gets them to me, we will have a complete set over there. Check it out as needed, and if you have something to add, please feel free. http://mcdeltalumni.blogspot.com/ Remember, we are still looking for your stories from your times as a Delt. Dave Broome and I are going to be sitting down with them at the golf outing. Please join us at that time Frank (thought I had forgotten about you didn't you????) Marianne (and the rest of you), please check it out. I think it is kind of interesting (I should - I wrote most of it. LOL) If you need any addresses of missing brothers, the chapter website http://www.marietta.edu/~delts/ can give you the information. You will need a password to access it **removed, if you need it please contact the chapter**

Let's see what is going on with the undergrads. They have gotten thier grades for the last semester. And congratulations are due to them. The chapter got a 3.0. That's great news. Hopefully they can make it 2 in a row. For Northern Division awards (from the Rainbow) EY got the following: Outstanding Alumni Service - Robert Ferguson (Fergie), Outstanding Alumni Newsletter - thanks to the Protimoi (a new one is scheduled to be published soon), above AMA/AFA grade point average, Adopt a School (the fraternity philanthropy project). and finally, the chapter was awarded membership in the Court of Honor, one step shy of the Hugh Shields Award. That means that EY is one of the Top 20 chapters in the whole Fraternity. That is a wonderful year guys, keep up the good work.

Here are the brothers that have committed to attend our 40th Anniversary at homecoming October 24 -26. I hope that you will join us. The cost is $50 per person, and you can get the schedule of events at the blogspot. There is a possibility that the college will try to collect the fee for us. If they ask you, please decline and send the money to Fergie. That way we will have a better idea of how many are coming. That's all I have for this week.

Have a great week and let me know if you are coming and how many will be in your party.
Rick Neel '73

Delt 40th Anniversary Attendence List
Advisor - Bob Ferguson +1

1960's - Greg Maloof + 1, Ken Kavula +1, Frank Hirsch (I think)

1970's - Ted Smith +1, Lance Koved +1, Don Wolfe, Ron Rees, Bruce Miller +1, Bruce Masatsugu +1, Darrell Pritchard +1, Joe Matheny, Keith Zak (I think), Randy Williams, Rich Wolf +1, Bob Peterson, Al Head, Bob Kavula +1, Rick Dunsker, Peter Weiner +1, Chuck Robinson +1, Bob Burns, Rick Neel +1, Neal Mettler +?, Joe Mester +1, Bob Bayer +1, Rob Weidenfeld, John DeVito

1980's - Drew Kern, Jon Hartshorn, Brian Rothenberg, Chris Goebel, Michael Tita +1

1990's - Shawn Selby, J.P. Clowes, Matt Christman-Lees, Tim Cox (I think), Greg Manko, Jeff DeWerth +1, Charley Maghes +1,

2000's - Craig Sundstrom, Andy Byers, Justin Nethers, Matt Dole, Corey Medina, Casey Trail, Chris "Smitty" Smith, Seth Wolfson, Trent Elliott, Jordon Herrick, Jake Dornan, Kevin Oliphant +1, Ashley Woolam, Joshua Downey, Doug Orr +1